The GHS e.V declares

The German „Society for Historical Simulations“ (the GHS; Gesellschaft fuer historische Simulationen e.V.) has been established as a registered organization in the free democratic constitutional structure of the Federal Republic of Germany. According to its statutes, the GHS has committed explicitly to striving for peaceful co-existence between nations and to the idea of international understanding. Therefore, the GHS rejects the reproduction of symbols from unconstitutional organizations regardless of their shapes, labeled on simulation materials such as boxes, cards, counters, etc.

The GHS appeals to all producers of simulation games to avoid using particular symbols and badges within their products. Symbols of unconstitutional organizations neither improve a game’s simulation value, nor contribute to an increased historical authenticity. Although the GHS recognizes that such symbols are not intentionally used by game producers to be offensive, they should be avoided out of respect for the emotions and feelings of people around the world.

Furthermore, the use of such symbols is forbidden in Germany according to §86 of the StGB (Strafgesetzbuch). These rules make it illegal to trade in games with such symbols. We believe that further legislation will make owning games containing such symbols illegal. The following symbols are explicitly affected by this paragraph: The SS-Runen (SS Runes), SS Totenkopfsymbol (SS Skull), Odins Kreuz (Odin’s Cross), Wolfsraute (Wolfs` Rhomb), Runenraute (Runes’ Rhomb), Keltenkreuz (Celtic Cross), Reichskriegsflagge since 1933 (War Flag), and obviously any form of the Hakenkreuz (Swastika), as well as all variations and corresponding illustrations (this list makes no claim to be exhaustive!).

Society For Historical Simulation

The Managing Committee